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How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

You have made up your mind and decided to get a lovely new tattoo. You have done all of your research and chosen the perfect artist for your design. Now that you have taken the leap and gotten your tattoo, what happens next? In this article, we are going share with you the best ways to take care of your new tattoo.

Listen to your artist

Not every artist follows the same procedure, and each one will have their own set of guidelines to follow. It is best that you listen carefully to your artist and follow their advice. To be honest, many of them have tattoos themselves, and they know all too well the best practices to take care of your new tattoo.

Wash the tattoo very carefully after getting it

After about 5 hours, you should remove the covering of the tattoo and wash it very gently. Take care not to use hot water (lukewarm is best) and keep the soap very mild (liquid preferably). Do not by any means, scrub your tattoo.


It is crucial to moisturize your tattoo to keep it from drying and getting flaky. Keep the moisturizer light, and it is advised to use an unscented cream that is not likely to cause a reaction. Your skin is very sensitive after getting a tattoo and as such using a non-irritating moisturizer is extremely important.

Dry and kept clean

Fresh tattoos are best kept dry at all times in order to avoid infection, and placing a light covering such as a gauze is often advised, as clothes can rub onto the tattoo and irritate your skin. It is important to keep the tattoo clean at all times and not neglect it. This will limit your chances of getting an infection.

Steer well clear of the sun

Tattoos are prone to fading when often exposed to sunlight, and so a good sunscreen is a worthy investment. It should have a high SPF and it’s important to buy a sunscreen that won’t irritate your skin.

Don’t scratch

Tattoos are bound to itch as they heal. Much like any other wound, they can get itchy after some time, and many people often feel the need to have a quick scratch, which in turn can create a world of problems. By all means, avoid scratching your tattoo and allow it to heal without interfering with the process. Scratching can cause a variety of infections and damage the already sensitive skin.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Tattoos won’t heal overnight and the bigger they are, the longer their recovery process will take. Patience is key, and you are advised to follow every guideline until your tattoo has perfectly healed.

Tattoos can be beautiful but not always fun to get, and they can take a great deal of time to heal. With a lot of patience and effort, you can get awesome results that you will love forever. It is important not to rush the healing process and to make sure that every step is followed to avoid infections and setbacks. Failure to do so could leave you regretting getting a tattoo in the first place. Keep in mind that all soaps, lotions, creams, and sunscreens should be mild, unscented, and especially made for sensitive skin. Lastly, enjoy your new tattoo!

How to Make Sure Your Tattoo Heals Well

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