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Should You Get a Finger Tattoo? + Dainty Finger Tattoo Ideas

Finger tattoos are the real thing. There’s no going back after getting a finger tattoo (or with any tattoo), so it’s wise to choose the daintiest finger tattoo as possible so you won’t regret it later. Finger tattoos are rarer than tattoos elsewhere, for a couple reasons even your tattoo artist will warn you about.

Considering on getting a finger tattoo? Consult our guide first before making the plunge and investment. Once you’re 100% confident about your decision, make sure to check out these dainty finger tattoo ideas to get inspired for your design!

To Get a Finger Tattoo or To Not…

If you waltz into a tattoo shop and ask for a finger tattoo, but don’t have visible tattoos anywhere else on your body, then it’s likely the tattoo artists will give you a funny look.

It’s not common for beginners to start out with finger tattoos, and even for the experienced tattooers, getting a finger tattoo is a big step.

Although tattoos are becoming more widely accepted, remember it wasn’t that long ago when they were negatively looked upon (and in some cases, still are).

What to Consider

When considering on getting a finger tattoo (or not), make sure to think about your career; both the current one and the future one. You wouldn’t want to get fired just because of that little infinity symbol poking out between your middle and ring finger, would you?

Not only should you consider your career, but consider society. Do you care about the impression you give to people? Finger tattoos cannot be covered up as easily as other tattoos (unless you’re talented in the makeup department), so remember that finger tattoos, dainty or not, can and will be seen by the public eye.

Lastly, don’t forget your personal taste! A finger tattoo will also be staring you in the face every day. Make sure to get something that you can live with!

Dainty Finger Tattoo Ideas

Ready to get a finger tattoo? Then check out these cutest finger tattoo ideas below!

  • Tiny nature tattoos (sun, half moon, wave, mountain peak, flowers, tree, leaves, palm)
  • Tiny indie tattoos (arrows, feathers, infinity sign, dream-catcher, geometric shapes)
  • Tiny word tattoos (family, love, name of partner on ring finger, etc.)
  • Tiny animal heads (elephant, wolf, cat, owl, dog, etc.)
  • Tiny symbol tattoos (heart, star, anchor, bow/ribbon, tea cup, book)

These cover the bulk of dainty finger tattoo ideas, but let us know if we missed out on any in the comments below!

Getting a finger tattoo is risky business. With such small space to work on, you need to make sure you are with an artist who knows what she (or he) is doing. However, finger tattoos, if done properly, are some of the best and most unique tattoos of them all. Which dainty finger tattoo idea do you like the best? We love the tiny nature tattoos!

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