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Awesome Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Tattoo sleeves are a statement of their own in the tattoo world. When it comes to getting tattooed just anywhere or getting a full arm sleeve, the badassery is apparent. Sleeve tattoos are most commonly associated with men, but women are breaking that stereotype each day by inking their arms from wrist to shoulder and the result is gorgeous.

Check out these totally awesome sleeve tattoo ideas for both men and women! Get inspired for your own (future) arm sleeve with these unique ideas below. Otherwise, why else would you be here?

Black and White Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

One of the most classic and popular sleeve tattoos out there. B&W tribal tattoos that run up and down the arm are both punchy and dramatic-looking. Both men and women can sport a full sleeve of tribal tattoos and make it look unique by the use of thick or thin lines, shapes, and designs.

Half or Full Flower Sleeve Tattoos

Flowers, anyone? Everyone loves a good floral tattoo, whether big or small. Covering your arm in flowers is a popular sleeve tattoo idea for multiple reasons. For one, flower tattoos can either have a feminine or masculine touch, depending on the art and design. Second, flower tattoos can seamlessly integrate with other nature aspects which will give the sleeve a full and complete look.

Variations of flower colors can add dramatic and vibrant touches. Men can also get flowers, like roses or petals that have a dark watercolor and dripping effect, giving it a “bleeding” sensation.

Portrait Sleeve Tattoos

Getting figures and faces tattooed on your body is risky business. Not only does the tattoo artist need to be an expert tattooist, but you need to choose a portrait that fits the style you’re looking for. Black and grey-scale figures or faces are great choices for arm sleeve tattoos, especially if you’re wanting a unique arm sleeve tattoo that is subtle yet packs a punch at the same time.

Awesome Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Notions of Time and Space Sleeve Tattoos

Get something out of this world on your arm with a sleeve full of designs that refer to time and space. Whether it’s Alice in Wonderland falling through time with melting clocks or a mystical universe-scape filled with planets and stars, full sleeve tattoos with notions of time and space are awesome ways to fill up your arm with ink.

Animal Kingdom Sleeve Tattoos

Probably one of the most popular sleeve (or half sleeve) tattoo ideas goes to the animal kingdom. Often you will see both men and women showing off their half-sleeve lion tattoo or elephant body, with religious or spiritual aspects around. In fact, there are so many ways to make it unique, the sky’s the limit. It’s not uncommon to see arms inked with animal faces with a water color splash, either for fun or in dedication to a beloved pet or a favorite animal. Whatever you choose, an animal sleeve tattoo is the trend that’ll never end!

These tattoo sleeve ideas for men and women are some of the most popular sleeve ideas out there. You could choose one and get a uniformed design all over, or you could mix aspects from all five of these categories to truly make a unique sleeve tattoo!

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