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Mini Guide to Trendy Hipster Tattoos

Tattoos, generally speaking, are an expression of art to represent or symbolize something we find meaningful or simply attractive. While there is not one single category of person who gets a tattoo, there are several categories of tattoos themselves; hipster tattoos being one of them.

Hipster tattoos, what are they? In this mini guide to trendy hipster tattoos, you’ll discover the essence of a hipster and the type of tattoos they love to have.

What Is a Hipster?

It’s very common nowadays to see a hipster in the streets, but before it came popularized, a hipster might have been your artsy, unique, out-of-box, local barista at that cute corner café shop (to name one example). Their round glasses and handlebar moustache made it easy to recognize them from far away, but now everyone is sporting some “hipster” qualities, whether that’s a retro bike, a flowery dress, a beard, or a hipster tattoo. It helps to think of a hipster as anyone not in the mainstream (although that’s changing).

What Is a Hipster Tattoo?

If you want to know what a hipster tattoo is, just apply the hipster rules to the tattoo world. Essentially, it’s a tattoo with unique features; usually earthy, tribal, indie and modern—all at once.

Trendy hipster tattoos range from very teeny-tiny to full arm sleeves. It’s not so much the size that matters, but the style. Hipster tattoos will have more whimsical, dreamy, and bohemian touches compared to a traditional, ‘classic’ style tattoo where hard lines and blunt colors are used.

In addition to the style, the tattoo method (needle vs. handpoked) is a factor when it comes to hipster tattoos. Especially with smaller, intricate designs, expect a hipster tattoo to be handpoked which gives tattoos a much more gentle, authentic aesthetic. Not to mention true hipsters will love an imperfectly perfect, handmade tattoo!

Top Trendy Hipster Tattoos

Finding inspiration for your own hipster tattoos isn’t very difficult. Just go to the local farmer’s market or organic coffee store and there’s a high chance you’ll find a hipster sporting his or her creative art on their arms. Or, you can check our list for the top trendy hipster tattoos right here!

  • Geometric tattoos
    Geometric tattoos are a staple go-to for hipsters. You can basically go from traditional to hipster by just making your tattoo with geometric shapes. Think of a geometric cat head, world map, or hummingbird.
  • Nature tattoos
    Maybe 90% or more of hipster tattoos encompass aspects of nature. Choosing a mountain or wild landscape with fantastic shading is definitely what a hipster would do.
  • Celestial tattoos
    Planets, the universe, stars, miniature spaceships.. Whatever it may be, if it falls into the celestial category, it’s most likely going to be found on a hipster’s body.
  • Minimalist tattoos
    Just as hipsters can go full sleeve with whimsical art and flying arrows and feathers, so too can they go for a minimalist look with small infinity signs or simply two perfectly straight lines around their arm. The end result is a simply yet trendy look we all want and love.

Hipster tattoos have been picking up momentum for quite some time now, and they are nowhere near to slowing down. We’ve covered everything from what is a hipster to the top trendy hipster tattoos. But one question still remains: Does the tattoo make the hipster or the hipster the tattoo? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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