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Geometric Tattoos: Significance & Design

Tattoos of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular, that is certain. But there is one type of tattoo that is racing against the others to win first place. You may recognize them as simple shapes or extremely intricate designs, or maybe half of an animal’s face. Have you guessed already what they are? They are geometric tattoos and they are taking the tattoo world by storm, one hipster at a time.

Geometric tattoos are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing. They come in all sorts of shapes, designs, and colors, but why are they suddenly popular? The secret might just lie in their meaning. Read our brief guide on geometric tattoos to discover their unique design and more importantly, the significance they bring!

Geometric Tattoos: What Are They?

Creating geometric tattoos require lots and lots of experience and precision. The lines and shapes are what categorize geometric tattoos, so making sure they are perfect is key to a well-designed geometric tattoo. Using mostly black ink, tattoo artists can create a host of geometric tattoo designs.

Geometric tattoos have made their way into celestial designs, animal designs, travel, nature and landscapes, and even have become interpretations via inspirations of famous works of art. They are beautiful tattoos to get, but upkeep might be difficult. Can you imagine retouching all those lines, dots, and shapes perfectly again in a couple years?

But what’s even more impressive than the geometric shapes themselves is the meaning behind them.

The Significance Underlying Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos, being made up of lines and shapes, bring meaning to anyone who wishes to ink their skin with one. Many people consider geometric tattoos to be sacred in essence, due to their shapes relating to historic symbols or natural symbols. For instance, a geometric cube tattoo represents the earth, while a tetrahedron is symbolic of fire.

Geometric Tattoos - Significance & Design

Modern tattoos are often based out of aesthetic pleasure, but with geometric tattoos we are seeing the ceremonial traditions of ancient tattooing come back into play. More and more people are choosing their geometric tattoo based upon their spiritual symbol and significance. For example, spirits will be in the shape of dodecahedrons, while water will be represented by an icosahedron and air an octahedron. Just like with the significance of your celestial sign, these shapes are believed to bring healing, energy, and essentially good vibes, to your body and spirit.

Oftentimes people search for geometric tattoos to feel and become more connected and whole with their spirituality. The fact that these spiritual symbols are mashing with the modern tattoo industry makes for a boom in interest, especially from the younger generation. This mash-up of culture and symbolic significance is resulting in a big popularity boom in the tattoo world.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of a geometric tattoo? Now you know they’re more than just a unique compilation of lines and shapes. The next time you see someone sporting a geometric tattoo, make sure to ask them why they chose to get it!

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