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Getting Inked: How Tattoos Became Popular

Many people mistake tattoos with more modern, rebellious cultures such as the alternative and pop-culture. Despite a lot of people being convinced that tattoos are a new thing and despite many people of today’s world being against tattoos in general, they actually have quite a long and rich history and have been around for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations.

A Thousand-Year-Old Tattoo

Several findings of mummified humans that date back thousands of years have shown that tattoos were a big part of ancient culture and quite a lot of these remains were covered in tattoos from head to toe. Although many people were aware that tattoos were around long before they were born, tattoos were still not quite as popular in the twentieth century and the early parts of the twenty-first century.

Tattoos: A Closer Look

2005 is the year that changed so many things about what it is to have a tattoo. A reality television show by the name of “Miami Ink” was launched, bringing the world’s attention to the tattoo society, from taking closer looks at what goes on inside a tattoo shop to showing just how much time and effort is being put into creating the perfect designs. This show went on for four seasons and was coupled with many celebrities and famous figures showing off their tattoos to the world, thus, making other tattoo lovers feel more comfortable and confident to embrace their body art.

Debunking Myths

In addition to shows like “Miami Ink,” other tattoo artists took to promoting their own work in the mainstream media. They gave open and honest advice to help debunk misinformed myths surrounding tattoos. They also help people in how they see their ink and get a better understanding of it. Artists also shared how to take care of your tattoos and how to pick the right place to receive a tattoo.

No longer were tattoos shrouded in mystery and myth but were now open for anyone to get, and a lot of people to this day choose to get tattoos for a manner of reasons. These could be tattooing the name of their spouse to show their love for them, tattooing the symbol of a group they are a part of, or simply tattooing their favorite flower, band, or anything they like or are passionate about.

Sharing with a Wider Audience

With the rise of social media and the internet in general, many tattoo enthusiasts have taken to create blogs, pages, and forums to share their love for tattoos or to get, and show off interesting design ideas.

Platforms such as YouTube offer the opportunity to share tutorial videos with the world to help people understand tattoos as a form of art and to get a better idea of how to go about getting a tattoo in the best way possible.

Although many people still hold prejudices against tattoos and the art in general, there is no denying that tattoos are incredibly popular and seem to be more popular than they have ever been in recorded times. Many people, young and old, are flocking to parlors to get tattoos, and there is no denying that this art form has grown to become quite the lucrative business for many tattoo artists.

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