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Brief Guide to Couple Tattoos + Essential Do’s and Don’ts

What’s more romantic, a diamond ring or a couple tattoo that will last a lifetime? Never to be erased or washed off, couple tattoos are one of the most permanent ways to seal the deal. No, it doesn’t mean your love is guaranteed, so make sure you are indeed a committed couple before deciding to dive head first into this lifelong pact.

Curious about couple tattoos like we are? Then you’ll love this short little guide about couple tattoos. Get the cutest couple tattoo ideas right here!

What Do Couple Tattoos Mean?

They are really just like any other ordinary tattoo. What makes them special, however, is the meaning you give to them.

It’s very wise to not get couple tattoos with your first boyfriend or girlfriend, for obvious reasons (unless it’s just meant to be!). If it’s a dedicated, healthy relationship that’s lasted for several years or longer, then a couple tattoo becomes cute and a good idea. Otherwise, don’t do it.

Types Couple Tattoo Ideas

To put it in general terms, there are two different types of couple tattoos. They are mainly categorized into “identical” and “complimentary.” Depending on your style and relationship, one or the other might be more representative of you and your bond.

Identical tattoos can be quite meaningful if chosen correctly. For example, if you consider each other to be the other’s anchor, then it makes sense to have tiny anchor couple tattoos. But if one of you isn’t reciprocating that feeling, the anchor tattoo will likely become an empty, meaningless tattoo overtime.

Complimentary couple tattoos on the other hand are great ways to show your love’s uniqueness and partnership. One might tattoo a key, while the other gets the lock. A pizza with one slice missing which can be found on your other half. These kinds of couple tattoos are what draws the most attention and which make the personality and vibe of your relationship really stand out.

Do’s & Don’ts of Getting a Couple Tattoo

  1. Definitely avoid irrationality and heat-of-the-moment decisions. Also, it’s never a good idea to get the other’s name tattooed on you. It’s risky, no matter how confident you are that you won’t regret it.
  2. Do choose something that you both absolutely love. Don’t coerce your partner into getting a tattoo; the decision should be mutual.
  3. Don’t be stereotypical. Getting inspired by other couple tattoos is totally fine, but don’t steal ideas that don’t represent you and your relationship.
  4. Do your research of tattoo shops before just waltzing in and demanding couple tattoos. Talk to the artist about placement, size, and style.

Couple tattoos are wonderful gifts to give each other, if its based out of love and respect. Too many people jump into a couple tattoo contract without weighing the pros and cons. Don’t make that same mistake. Remember: When getting a couple tattoo, make sure to choose something that fits both your personalities and symbolizes your relationship in a unique, cute way.

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