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Fantastic Tiny Tattoos & Where to Place Them

Tiny tattoos, what are they? They are miniature works of art, carefully designed to make any tattoo look cute. You either love them or hate them, there is no in between. But whether you side with big tattoos or are on the fence about tiny tattoos, everyone can agree that they’re insanely popular.

Just like with normal tattoos, tiny tattoos have their own dilemma. Is it just for eye candy or is it meaningful? We’ll let you be the judge of that one. In this article, you’ll discover some of the most brilliant tiny tattoo ideas and all the best spots for them.

Who Tiny Tattoos Are For?

First off, it’s important to know whether you are a “tiny tattoo person” or not. Tiny tattoos have their own style, so if it’s not yours, don’t get one. Tiny tat’s are perfect for people who,

  • Don’t want lots of ink covering their body;
  • Want something that’s trendy;
  • Can’t commit to 3+ hours under the needle;
  • Want either cute or meaningful (or both) without overdoing it and;
  • Have family or a profession that negatively looks down on tattoos

These are just to name a few. But chances are, if you’re reading this article you are already a tiny tattoo kinda person.

The Best Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos can have meaning for anybody who wears them. For example, a miniature guitar tattoo might just be aesthetically-pleasing to someone who gets it, but for another person, it could represent their love for music or their lifelong dream of becoming a professional guitarist.

For whichever reason you choose to get a tiny tattoo, here are some of the cutest tiny tattoos out there.

Tiny Animal Tattoos

There’s nothing cuter than a tiny little elephant or kitty cat tattoo, right? Animal tattoos are probably one of the most popular tattoo categories out there, simply because they bring meaning and cuteness all into one. Everyone has a favorite animal. It’s been one of the questions we humans have been able to answer since we were two years old.

Tiny animal tattoos are best placed on extremities or in visible/hidden locations (i.e. foot, ankle, wrist, back of neck, behind ear, in between fingers).

Tiny Literary or Musical Tattoos

Back to the tiny guitar tattoo, small musical tattoos are powerful and unique at the same time. A simple music note symbol or a whole orchestra of them turning into tiny birds on your shoulder, whatever it may be, they are trendy, cute, and meaningful tiny tattoo ideas. And who doesn’t like music? Also, tiny literary tattoos are super popular and even more rare.

A little book stack, your favorite of all time (the Deathly Hallows triangle anybody?), a little feather with ink, or even a cute cup of tea, literary tattoos are literally tiny tattoo magic. Literary or musical tattoos are best kept secrets, so expect to be asked about them if you put them in spots visible to the public eye.

Tiny Nature Tattoos

Nature is all around us, so why not on us? Tiny nature tattoos inspired by your favorite flower, tree, bird, mountain, planet and so on, are so simple yet so meaningful. People love to symbolize nature, the world, the sea, the sky, the universe, etc., in miniature form on their bodies. And we must agree because the end result is just breathtaking and adorable.

Tiny nature tattoos can be placed anywhere. Most popular locations are somewhere on the arms or around shoulders and ribs, but you’ll definitely see tons of cute little waves, mountain forms, and globes around the ankles and foot area. Let’s just settle on one for each?

These categories of tiny tattoos are by far the most fantastic and popular. Do you know of any good places for tiny tattoos not mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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