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“Pawpular” Cat Tattoos to Get Right Meow

We love to love them, do we not? We are indeed talking about our furry felines otherwise known as cats! Cats have taken over the internet and now their next target is the tattoo industry. But luckily for both, cats and tattoos go together so well and make beautiful outcomes. What are the best cat tattoos to get?

Find out the most “pawpular” cat tattoos right now right here in our guide to cat tattoos.

Why Get a Cat Tattoo?

A cat tattoo is more than just a work of art in light of your favorite fluffy animal. Even if that’s your only reason for getting a cat tattoo, you should know that the historical significance and prowess of cats date back thousands of years ago to the Egyptians.

Indeed, the Egyptians worshipped cats; believing that they were a descendant of Bastet, a warrior and guardian or protected her subjects. The word cat actually is an evolved form of the ancient Egyptian name for cats, “caute.”

In modern day society, people still worship cats for their independence, prowess, intellect, and free-spirit. Cat tattoos are the purrfect way to show your love for these powerful felines.

Cat Tattoos Purr’os & Cons

Are there any pros and cons to getting a cat tattoo? We have a few.


  • Cats are awesome
  • Cat tattoos are trendy + “furever” in style
  • Cat tattoos are simple yet beautiful works of art
  • You honor cats by getting a cat tattoo
  • Cat tattoos have historical and spiritual significance


  • Cat tattoos require lots of skill and experience (for detailed tattoos)

There aren’t very many cons we can think of when it comes to getting a cat tattoo. If you love cats and love their symbolic significance, your only challenge is finding a talented artist who can make your kitty dreams come to life.

Most Popular Cat Tattoos

It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world already with some form of cat tattooed on their body. Here are some of the most popular ways to get a cat tattoo.

“Pawpular” Cat Tattoos to Get Right Meow

Small Cat Tattoos

Your foot, wrist, behind your ear or on the back of your neck, are primal hot spots for small cat tattoos. A cat’s shape is easy to recreate in ink, especially if the design is small and simple. You will have no problem getting a small cat outline or even cat whiskers tattooed in these places.

Cat Portraits

It’s super popular these days to get your cat’s portrait tattooed on your arm or wrist. If your cat has a unique face, with a single spot or even a little moustache, it’s definitely possible to get it copied in ink on your body. It’s such a cute and unique way to show your love for cats while making it personal. Plus, your fluffy kitty will always be with you no matter what!

Pawpular Cat Tattoos to Get Right Meow

Big Kitties

When we think of cat tattoos, we usually think of domesticated felines. But cat tattoos can also extend up to our big feline friends, like lions, tigers, (and bears oh my), and so on. The upper arm or upper thigh or popular places for majestic lion heads. But you could also go miniature and get a lion head finger tattoo like Cara Delevingne.

There are thousands of ways to stylize and customize cat tattoos to make one fit your passion for felines. Can you think of anymore pros and cons of getting a cat tattoo? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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